The problem with being open minded is that ignorance is bliss.

I decided in High School that it was important to question things and not just believe what you're told.
I decided to try and learn more about lots of things instead of focusing on one way of thinking. 
At the time I was going to a school that wouldn't teach students about dinosaurs because they aren't relevant to the religious curriculum, so when I started to realise that not all life is relevant to the bible, it was rather cool.

I was “Being open minded”.

The problem I encountered was that there are things happening in the World that are most unsettling and I simply cannot understand them, I try, I try, I try but I can’t. 

"Why would this happen? How could they do that? Why did they think that would work? How many people died? What do you mean child sex slaves/Puppy farms/Poverty?"

Let’s stop there because I think you get the point.

So what I need is a filter.
I haven't invented one yet so I try to avoid really nasty topics otherwise my head explodes and I get really, really upset.
I hope that soon I will find a pleasant balance between the rainbows & the explosion in the drawing so that I can continue to learn about the World around me without having an anxiety attack.