My Really Big Weekend.

Okay so I said on facebook I would blog about my weekend.
I didn't get to draw in everything I wanted so that you could fully understand the weekend that I had, but I got some of the main events... sorry about my scummy line work as well, I didn't perfect this piece because I just wanted to post it.
Impatience wins again!!

Other things about the weekend:
I drove a lot on the weekend, and driving makes me really anxious.
I photographed a lot on the weekend and that makes me really anxious too, because I want all of my photos to be perfect ALL OF THE TIME.
I spent A LOT OF MONEY on things like flowers, fabrics, grapes. I am now very poor.

So in between all of the things I was doing, and also during all of the things I was doing, I was in a constant state of anxiety.

Considering my weekends usually involve sleeping until 1pm then watching Law & Order SVU all afternoon...then all night, I really wasn't surprised that doing so much stuff freaked me out.

Here are some Instagrams of the things I did:

Flowers from the suspicious 24 hour Florist, Zanelli's.

Amazing Artist Sarah Holmes

Photographer Extraordinaire
Babed up.
Hair & Make up by LadyDay

Dress design sketch by Bekky.

So I was like Hey AtomicAnt can you make me this dress?
& AtomicAnt was like "Yep." and then she did.