The Big Update Part 2: The Cartoons

In true Saint Damascus form, here are some weird or funny cartoons:

It's daylight savings!
Sometimes everything just feels very big and I feel very little.
Daily Doubts

I'm not entirely sure what's happening here.

This is annoying because I have absolutely no need for an ipad at all. There is no reason for me to want an ipad expect that they are shiny & I do what I want. That is so crappy. Sometimes I think "I should give away all of my things and run into the forest forever so I can avoid all of these privileges I did nothing to deserve".

Pffft That's never gonna happen.

(Hey, the dinosaur cartoon & beautifully illustrated cartoon at the end of this post are by other artists! Not me!... I wish they were by me)

Comic by Lonely Dinosaur T-shirt company

One of the most emotive, striking, truthfully sad series of illustrated images I've ever seen about a big heavy all encompassing feeling most of us know too well.
By Sylvie Reuter.