Levels of Conscious thought in different personality types. A Personal Theory. It's pretty deep. Part 1 of 3: Normal.


Let's get crazy.

I'm going to talk to you about :
1. Normal State
2. Bekky State (Anxiety, Depression) 
3. Graham State (Narcissistic Personality disorder)

Warning: This might bake your noodle.


This is what I imagine a mind looks like when it is free of any "mental illness".

Because nobody just has happy fun brain all the time, I have included :

  • Daily life. Functioning. Existing. 
(waking up, breathing, eating, checking facebook)

  • Normal Stress 
(job, mortgage, wondering if you're a cool kid, did I remember to take the bins out)

  • Annoying stuff 
(stepping in puddles, really high phone bills, when your favourite shoes break, finding out you're not one of the cool kids, shit, I forgot to put the bins out)

  • Childhood Trauma of some description 
(Because everybody had something weird in their childhood.)

This childhood trauma has not surfaced into conscious thought & so does not affect day to day life.

Anything deeper than this is not accessed. It doesn't need to be.
Life is normal.

Level of anxiety & depression.

Shit gets deep.