It's Sunday, let's talk.

First of all: Happy birthday to this fine specimen, The wild Kri Kri, commonly known as "Kristina". Scientific name: Karlina
Kristina photographed by Rebekah

Erin Michelle posted this drawing.
It makes me feel things, I think it's very good.
If you feel things and think it's good also, you are able to buy this from Erin's Etsy shop.

I will be working with the creative genius Kai Smythe on a sweet photo/illustrato combo this week. Can't wait to give this to your eyeballs so that they may see it. 
Previously mentioned genius, Kai Smythe photographed by Rebekah (I'm Rebekah).

Have you ever wondered "Why Saint Damascus, what does that even MEAN?"
Well, allow me to introduce you to Damascus.

On the topic of kitty cats, here's one that I am needing more of in my life:
It's everybody's favourite sushi-feind Courtenay!
 And here is a quick scribble for your troubles:

 Mucho Loveo, Rebekah