Hello, let's all take a moment to appreciate the amazing talent of a dear friend of mine shall we?

Erin Michelle Art

Erin and I seem to sometimes share the same struggles*.
The most common one being DOING ART. JUST ...DOING IT! 
It's so easy to get/disheartened/lazy/over it, so it's great to see Erin creating some beautiful pieces again.

For my 19th Birthday I was super excited to receive this Erin Michelle Original on a paint colour sample. I absolutely love it!

Erin & I on my 21st Birthday.
SUPER FUN FACT:Erin & I share the same birthday!

Also, this one time, Erin modeled for me!
(Side note: If you haven't seen my photography yet that I'm a little shocked, please click here immediately!)

I have many more posts coming throughout the week, hopefully a couple more artist features also!

*say this 10 times real fast.