Avocado is the cure.

Earlier in the year I posted a facebook status that got a pretty good response. I didn't intend it to be deep or meaningful, but it seemed to smack people in the face with profoundness or something, I dunno.

Here's the story & A cartoon, I drew myself with my old hair style.

9 January 2012

Today, I bought an avocado and it made me so happy. 

At first it made me a little happy, but then I remembered that 4 years ago I was so depressed I felt like I would never be happy again, I felt like my depression was eternal. 
But then I kicked depression's stupid butt and am so grateful that I can be happy over something so simple as an avocado. 

So if you're feeling depressed, remember it's not forever even though it feels like it, and then go buy yourself an Avocado.