Black Dog

So depression is also known as "the Black Dog".
I don't know why it's called that.

I always just imagine a really, really sad dog.

Then, after I have conjured up the sad dog in my mind, I decide that we understand each other, and we are at a similar place in our lives ie. feeling really, really sad all the time.

This dog is now the only thing that knows the feeling I have.

Then I realise that we are going to be together for some time.

4 years ago I had depression. 3 years of my life I spent resenting every day.
I am pleased to say that one day I decided to kick depression's stupid butt.

I will be exploring depression in silly cartoon style over the next few blog posts, but I thought you should know, dear reader, that I am fine now.

The imaginary dog is feeling much better as well.

Here is a relevant song: