The Big Update Part 3: The Assignment

I made something wonderful. 
Something I've wanted to make for a while but haven't had any reason to.Which is no excuse really, you shouldn't need a reason to create something wonderful.

But I did have a reason, and so I was able to bring an idea to life, which is the most wonderful feeling a crazy creative person can have.

We were given an assignment at College 2 weeks ago. 

The task was to design a film poster/album cover/book cover/record cover of our choice, and we had to hand make the feature element of our design. 

So basically, get away from the computer and make something with your hands... remember your hands? When they're not clicking or typing they can do OTHER STUFF!!! I totally forgot that!

Now some of you may know I have a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn, and most of you probably know I that love flowers very much.

So I decided to create a film poster for My Fair Lady: The story of Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist, so that she may pass as a well-born lady. It's pretty funny actually. 

So for the handmade element of my design,  I made a ball gown like skirt out of flowers.

And now I get to show you the lovely piece I made. 

Due to terrible self esteem, I'm rarely pleased with my own creations. 
This time though, I am so thoroughly in love with this creation.

Even though I was terribly sick when I had to make it, it felt so good to be creating something.
The shabby skeleton of the skirt.
Milk crate to hold it up, cheap hula hoops to make the skirt shape.
Then a lot of sculpting wire, guttering mesh & cable ties!

Here's a lovely photo of my sick, sick face.

Threading and tying flowers to wire.  I think that's chocolate or vegemite on my arm.

Nearly Done.

Finishing touches.
I used a mix of flowers, the main flower used was Geraldton Wax in orange, Pink, yellow and white.
The dress.
The silhouette I traced.
This is what it ended up looking like. The type package I made is a bit messy. Might fix that later.
The finished assignment

The lady that made this project not a horrendous failure.
My super amazing supportive Mum, who had a blast with me in the studio.
We both love flowers and just hanging out in general. Perfect combo.

Remember how I said I was grossly sick?

Here's the story...

I found the perfect course for me, Graphic Design at Shillington College.

However it's rather costly to enrol!
I was determined though, so I set off on an adventure to get enough money together. After some silly set backs and some serious set backs...

I am now back on track and I'm hoping you could help me achieve my dream.

I have been saving up for some time (4 years, on & off, because of the set backs...see video for more)
for this course and it is my goal to be enrolled THIS YEAR!

I'm pretty close to the amount I need, but I'm not going to be able to get enough together this year on my own. Which is why I'm putting it out there. If you have ever been inspired by my images on the Rebekah Lyn Photography facebook or my blog of cartoons about depression and anxiety "Saint Damascus", or if I've ever done some photography work for free or really cheap, this is your chance to pay it forward! or back! or whatever!

I need a cheeky $4500 to reach the total amount for the Course. If my parents were rich I wouldn't even ask you but they're we are.

Watch this outrageous video of me being ridiculous!

You can get a heap of stuff in return like stickers and pictures of things!

It's Sunday, let's talk.

First of all: Happy birthday to this fine specimen, The wild Kri Kri, commonly known as "Kristina". Scientific name: Karlina
Kristina photographed by Rebekah

Erin Michelle posted this drawing.
It makes me feel things, I think it's very good.
If you feel things and think it's good also, you are able to buy this from Erin's Etsy shop.

I will be working with the creative genius Kai Smythe on a sweet photo/illustrato combo this week. Can't wait to give this to your eyeballs so that they may see it. 
Previously mentioned genius, Kai Smythe photographed by Rebekah (I'm Rebekah).

Have you ever wondered "Why Saint Damascus, what does that even MEAN?"
Well, allow me to introduce you to Damascus.

On the topic of kitty cats, here's one that I am needing more of in my life:
It's everybody's favourite sushi-feind Courtenay!
 And here is a quick scribble for your troubles:

 Mucho Loveo, Rebekah



Something cool happened!
I was contacted by a lady named Kira who works in a gallery in the UK.

blah blah blah details details boring TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT

My crazy cartoons were exhibited in this group show! 

and my image of The Black Dog made it to the poster! 
Wooo! Go little doggy, we'll fix you yet!

Some of the cartoons on display include:
Further Adventures with the black dog : What does depression look like? I don't know.
and the black dog piece from A Bad Week

This is pretty cool guys. 

For someone with some silly self loathing problems, this is a great achievement! I'm a bit proud of myself I think!? Wait until I tell my psychologist about this!


Hello, let's all take a moment to appreciate the amazing talent of a dear friend of mine shall we?

Erin Michelle Art

Erin and I seem to sometimes share the same struggles*.
The most common one being DOING ART. JUST ...DOING IT! 
It's so easy to get/disheartened/lazy/over it, so it's great to see Erin creating some beautiful pieces again.

For my 19th Birthday I was super excited to receive this Erin Michelle Original on a paint colour sample. I absolutely love it!

Erin & I on my 21st Birthday.
SUPER FUN FACT:Erin & I share the same birthday!

Also, this one time, Erin modeled for me!
(Side note: If you haven't seen my photography yet that I'm a little shocked, please click here immediately!)

I have many more posts coming throughout the week, hopefully a couple more artist features also!

*say this 10 times real fast.

The Bunny Story.

Once upon a time, I was feeling sick. I feel sick a lot because I have anxiety & it twists up my stomach. I ensconced myself in a blanket & smashed the couch. Yes, I said ensconced.
All of a sudden, there was a movement out the window.

I got up to check what it was. I peered out of the curtains, and what I saw made my heart burst through my ribcage & I squealed.

 I squealed & I squealed to Nick (housemate) what I saw. I told him what was outside. He thought I was hallucinating. Because earlier in the story I was sick, remember?


Naturally, I RAN OUTSIDE. 



I did not catch it.
The next day, guess what I did?

At one point my screamy neighbour tried to help, she was on her son's scooter. Her name is Sarah. She's always screaming at her boyfriend & storming out of her house. Anyway at this point in time she wasn't screaming. She was helping me catch the bunny. Unfortunately, her sons then came out & they are insane. They scared the bunny under a car & it wouldn't come out. I was this close [ <--> ] that close to getting it gently, in a towel. Because it was winter and bunnies should not be outside in the cold. Two hours later, I went back outside. The kids were still waiting underneath the car for the bunny to come out. I decided to try again tomorrow.

I decided to try a new strategy.

It did not take long for my housemates to figure out why there were a billion carrots scattered about our front yard.
When I got home from work, I was ready. I never fully considered what I would do if I actually caught the bunny, but we would definitely hang out and watch Law & Order together. I was going to catch the bunny. we were going to be best friends.

My housemates had also made an attempt at catching the bunny during the day while I was out.
They told me this when I got home, as I was getting ready to go out & catch the bunny.

Then they told me.

Nothing could prepare me for this.

APPARENTLY the bunny (MY bunny) SUPPOSEDLY belongs to our weird, party crashing, bubble-blowing, sliding-notes-under-our-door-kind-of-weird neighbour.


His name was BARRY.
Barry The Abandoned and Jumpy.

And I loved him.

The End.

In loving memory of Barry; wherever he may be (next door).